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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gee Zib...

... you tell me I've been tagged and I'm not even listed. However, I am a kindly and generous soul, so here goes)

10 years ago I was getting ready to start my second year of law school, and was adjusting to my spiffy new ADD meds. (Ye gads, was it really that long ago?) In hindsight, I would have altered my Con Law choices - University of Pittsburgh did Constitutional Law second year instead of first, and you ranked the three professors in the order you wanted them, after which your actual professor was selected by lottery. I kid you not. All my liberal friends said "You have to get Professor X - he's the absolute best. Professors Y and Z don't hold a candle to him." However, my experience (and my friends in the class agreed) was that Professor X always gave the liberal point of view, while allowing students to take the conservative point of view. Really aggravating for us liberals. The next semester, I took an Employment Law class with Professor Y and loved her. Plus he told us Rehnquist would resign after the next election. (I had a different professor 3rd year who told us Rehnquist would resign when a Republican was elected. I wonder if this means Rehnquist doesn't think of Dubya as a Republican?) I honestly don't remember what else I had that semester. (Note: I'm not naming the profs because I'd have to go check the names, and I'm too lazy to do so.)

5 years ago I was living in Portland and about halfway through my Crappy Temp Job. Said Crappy Temp Job was 3 years (yes, I said years) working in the employment office at a bank. People came in applying for jobs and were helped by temps. I had failed the bar (mostly because I didn't study nearly enough - I always say I failed with flying colors) and ended up trapped because, although it didn't pay much money, it did pay. I feel temping is a very strange, non-sexual form of prostitution. You're basically whoring out your skills for money and paying the pimp (temp agency) for the privilege. Guess who didn't like temping? I enjoyed some of the people I worked for, but it was just a weird situation. I was also spending way too much time and money at Powells.

1 year ago I was doing the same thing I am now - unemployed, watching TV, reading, knitting.

Yesterday I was sick with the flu. I did, however, manage to sleep for more than 2 hours (which I hadn't for the previous three days) and do a little knitting.

5 snacks: Baked tortilla chips; hummus and flatbread; Crunchie bars (chocolate-coated sponge toffee); popsicles (or Mr. Freezies - popsicle in a plastic tube); crackers and cheese (very aged cheddar, huntsman cheese (combination of Double Gloucester and Stilton) or Shropshire blue (a blue cheese which is orange instead of white - it looks bizarre but is yummy).

5 songs i know all the words to: Oh Canada (English); Welcome to Paradise; Closer;

5 things I would do with 100 million: Secure future for family and self; buy old warehouse somewhere in Montreal for conversion to fabulous loft for me; create scholarship fund for my old high school for learning-disabled students going to university; season tickets for the Canadiens (well, I'll be there anyway!); go back to school permanently.

5 places to run away to: Montreal, New York, New Orleans, Portland (OR), Paris.

5 things I would never wear: a poncho; a "Pat Robertson is cool!" T-shirt; Martha's poncho; a nun's habit; any poncho. (Sense a theme?)

5 favorite tv shows: Oz; The Wire; Wonderfalls; CSI (original only, please); Law and Order (any flavor).

5 biggest joys: waking up with my kitty cat draped all over me; the completion of a knitted object; a new high score on Little Brick Out Insane; yummy baked goods baked by me; mail!

5 favorite toys: knitting needles, DVD player; my Puppet Angel (at bottom of post); my teddy bear (a girl needs to sleep with someone, and he seems to be very agreeable about being hurled out of bed on a regular basis); my 'puter.