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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summer Goals

Nothing like a contest to get me thinking. (Because who couldn't use a new pattern for a spiffy tank? Straight from the designer herself? Don't forget to drop my name if you choose to enter!) Hmmm, summer goals?

1) Knit Morrigan. Mind you, I either need to finish Sarcelle or buy a new 3.25mm needle to start it. (I think we all know I'll be buying a new needle.)

2) Knit Twisted Flower socks.

3) Finish up some of those languishing projects. The mystery project just needs to be blocked, photographed, written up and submitted. Wittering? Only missing the cording through the brim edge, another round or two of starching and the installation of the band. I'm just lazy. Ergo, motivation!

Those are the only goals I can think of. Other socks will be knit because they're always fabulous band practice/car knitting, with the exception of Twisted Flower (maybe - must try before writing it off). Sarcelle will progress, because it's knitting group knitting (another reason to buy another 3.25mm needle - I finish Sarcelle, I have to scavenge for another project using yarn from the store, and I think that option also requires a 3.25mm needle.)