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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yay! Yarn!

My Lisa Souza yarn arrived today! (OK, yesterday if you're being picky, but I don't count the day change until I go to sleep.) Marky Mark finally came through. (The postman's name is Mark, and I've corrupted it to Marky Mark. He bears no resemblance to the original Marky Mark.

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That's Sock!Merino in Mars Quake (for Mom), Violet's Pink Ribbon (for me) and Shade Garden (for my Bloomin' Feet pal.) The Mars Quake is more red than I had expected, but Mom likes it, so that's OK. I think the Shade Garden is perfect for my pal, so now I just need to find a pattern.

In other news, I made cookies - Gingerbread Palmiers from the December Martha Stewart Living. Properly made, they look like this:
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Mine? Not so much:
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Not a recipe I will do again.