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Monday, February 12, 2007

Lazy Monday

I have made some knitting progress - I'm onto the second Simply Lovely Lace Sock, after numerous problems (botched the heel flap the first time through, got halfway through the foot and discovered I erred in the sk2p way up on the cuff, tried laddering back and ended up ripping and reknitting). I just don't feel like taking a picture. However, to encourage me in creating a habit of blogging on Mondays, I present a meme I found somewhere - My Life as a Movie!

1. You're given a list of scenes, from opening credits to end credits, each of which must have a song.
2. Open iTunes and set it to shuffle (or find your MP3 player).
3. Hit play and see what pops up for each scene.
4. Make up a title and pick a cast.

Title: In the Bleak Midwinter

Me - Jennifer Jason Leigh. My original instinct was Molly Parker, but the bleakness of the plot led me to switch to Jennifer. She does it so well.

Leading Male - Wentworth Miller. Looks like he'd be dumb as a box of rocks, but isn't. There's much to be said for that quality.

Opening Credits: In Bloom, Nirvana

Waking Up: 'S Wonderful, Audrey Hepburn and Bing Crosby
Oddly enough, it's the last song in "Funny Face."

First Day At School: Bad Boyfriend, Garbage
Oh, that's promising. It could be worse - it could be the next song!

Falling In Love: Violent Pornography, System of a Down
What the hell kind of movie am I living? Who knew that "Bad Boyfriend" could be an improvement in this category?

Fight Song: A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles
Clearly, I go to some sort of hooker school. And I don't mean crochet.

Breaking Up: Zoot Suit Riot, Cherry Poppin' Daddies
And I cause a riot. This has to be an alternate universe me. (This would have been way more fun as the Prom song.)

Prom: I Feel Fine, The Beatles

Life: Come As You Are, Nirvana
Now this, I can get behind.

Mental Breakdown: Flow, Ebb and Die, Sianspheric
Not promising, but there's still a bunch of movie to go. Very techno-y, so quite appropriate for a mental breakdown, I think.

Driving: Mambo Swing, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
I play golf to a dance beat?

Flashback: Bab's Uvula Who?, Green Day
Clearly a flashback of the mental breakdown stage

Wedding: Street Exhibit, MGM Studio Orchestra
From the American in Paris soundtrack. Can't go wrong with Gershwin.

Birth of Child: Way Down in the Hole, The Blind Boys of Alabama.
So I guess labor's going to be long.

Final Battle: Spank Thru, Nirvana

Death Scene: Wake Up, Dead Man, U2

Funeral Song: Heresy, Nine Inch Nails

End Credit: Driving Nowhere, Helmet