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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2006 Summary

Time to sum up the year in knitting. I completed 30 items, with 4 others nearly completed.

Sweaters - 3 completed (Calla, Maggie and the Phildar Cardi) and one nearly complete (Bias)
Socks - 14 pairs completed (Olive Leaf, Cascade Walking Away, Pomatomus, Rio, Spring Leaves, Monaco, SageRipple, Nautilus, Toasty Toes, Ottawa, Mom, Pinkcaul, Anna, Slayer)
Scarves/Shawls/Ruanas - 3 completed (Deceased Muppet, Birch and Ruana Thingie) and one nearly completed (Mystery Project - all it needs is blocking.)
Hats - 7 completed (3 hats for Dulaan, 3 chemo caps and Klein Bottle) and one nearly completed (Wittering, waiting for me to find suitable cord to run through the brim, and an additional starching. I found proper millinery petersham even.)
Miscellaneous - 3 completed (Womb, Catnip Toy, Kitty Pi)and one nearly completed (Murmansk). I think I'm missing another cat toy, but no big whoop.

What does this say about me as a knitter? Clearly, I like socks. Which is true - they're very portable, nearly instant gratification and you can buy really nice yarn without a whole lot of sticker shock. Most of my major knitting is for me - all four sweaters are mine, and nearly half the socks. I will knit for others when the mood strikes - all the completed hats were for others (Wittering is mine), and the Womb, Kitty Pi and Ruana Thingies were done for friends for varying forms of payment (cash for Ruana, yarn for the other two).

Plans for this year? More socks, finishing the unfinished. I've got yarn for a Phildar summer sweater. Several shawls are on the horizon - I've got Seasilk to wind for one, and I think I'm going to see if a friend will loan me the IK with the Forest Path stole in it, because I need a challenge. Plus, there's always new temptations at every turn.