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Monday, August 14, 2006


My life sucks.

On to knitting - a ray of sunshine. The Nautilus socks are finished:

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As is the Kitty Pi bed #2:
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Toasty Toes: Well, I've started the socks:
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That's the first cuff. Take two, because the first cast on was too loose and looked really funny. It's going to be a rolled stockinette top, much like Nautilus. I'm going to use the Chinese Lace pattern from BW II as the lace pattern, and I just couldn't see starting the sock with either a picot edge or a ribbed edge. Next week should be a picture that doesn't look like a heap of yarn. I'm really liking the yarn - it looks to be really fluffy, but compresses down when knit. The plies are loose, so I'll have to be a little careful to avoid splitting the yarn, but it's not a big deal.