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Monday, August 28, 2006


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I finished up my Toasty Toes socks yesterday, while watching the Champ Car race that wasn't. Clearly, Mother Nature is not happy with Legault's decision to drop real racing for NASCRAP. (I always knew she was smart!) I haven't watched the race yet, since I got up too late to catch the 10 am restart. I'll watch it later tonight, probably.

Back to the socks. They worked out perfectly - exactly the length they needed to be. The colors pooled differently on the feet:
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The top shot is out in the backyard, hanging off of one of the sculptures. Of course, the socks hide the sculpture. The bottom shot was taken last night in the computer room. I would have tried taking another today, but that brilliant idea hit after I traipsed around the backyard barefoot looking for interesting places to photograph the socks. Oops. (I do plan to give them a wash and a bit of a block, but still.) In the end, I'm very happy with how these socks turned out, and may eventually knit a pair for me.

So, what's next on the agenda? More socks, of course:
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That's Regia's Canadian Fashion Colours in "Ottawa." (Why that color makes them think of Ottawa, I'll never know. They should really be all grey and navy and bureaucratic - it is the capital, after all!) All I've done so far is the toe, because I'm still debating whether to knit the socks with a 3x1 rib on the foot and leg, just the leg with a stockinette foot or just stockinette all the way. The rib would make it less boring, but the other sock is going to have extra ends, due to a knot in the ball. I'll make the decision at practice tonight. (Socks are band practice knitting.)

I also finished the neck of Bias Fair Isle, so I need to start seaming again. Bleh. I need to pull my Phildar cabled sweater out of storage and get back to work on it (yarn store knitting.) Since this poor sweater has been ignored for more than a year and y'all may have forgotten/never seen it, here's a link to an eBay auction for the magazine - it's the first one shown, except I'm knitting it in a denim blue Zara. The back is done, one sleeve is mostly done (I need to rip out the seaming and re-braid the center cable) and the second sleeve is partially done. I love this sweater, but it comes in the usual category of "Why the hell do I like sweaters that involve massive amounts of seaming when I hate finishing?"