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Monday, July 31, 2006

Quick Monday Update

Toasty Toes: Paid for yarn. Yarn shipped. Yarn is now sitting in Montreal. (Earlier today, it was still sitting in BC. This is an improvement.) With some luck, it should be here tomorrow.

Other things: Working on third chemo cap. Am ecstatic to have completed the main part of the hat. I'm currently striping the crown, but that may get ripped out if I decide I don't like it. The deadline was originally today, but has been extended to the end of August (I think.) It's not a big deal if I'm wrong, since I wasn't really doing this for the $100 gift certificate prize. (Not that I'd decline it if I won....)

Wittering hasn't moved. I did buy the hatband ribbon (cotton/viscose petersham) while purchasing lacing tape for re-engineering a skirt. I keep breaking the zipper on the skirt, so it will be replaced with two rows of lacing tape, so it can be laced up (much more flexible sizing-wise than a zipper). The Nautilus socks are progressing slowly, since the chemo caps have been getting the bulk of the attention - the socks are past the heel.

Sleepy. Must take nap. Went to sleep at 6 am, woken at 9ish - didn't look at watch - by loud obnoxious construction/destruction noises across the street. Dozed until 11. Need sleep badly.