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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday update mark III

Toasty Toes update - I ordered yarn: sweetgeorgia yarn in Marina. (I also ordered Slayer for Mom and Kissed for me.) I'm not entirely sure about the colors of Marina (I like them, but I want to see them up close and personal, since the scarf in the gallery is much darker than the yarn photo), but if they don't quite work for this project, I've got some stuff in stash that will work. Time will tell.

Other updates - I finished knitting Wittering (a sewn bind-off of 500+ stitches takes for-freaking-ever). I need to block, weave, starch and thread something through the hem casing. I wound my Cobalt Bloom STR, in preparation for starting Nautilus. (I seriously doubt that the evil one will be at practice this week, since he can only afford to come in once a week, and it's concert week. However, better safe than in jail on homicide charges.) I am rapidly working my way through Carnivale Season 2 (six episodes down, six to go). It's overly hot and humid here - you shower, and an hour later you're sticky and gross again. Endless fun.