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Saturday, April 15, 2006

When it's dry, it's arid.

Well, the iPod is restored to factory settings. Finding a friend running XP with high speed was not the easiest thing in the world, but I finally did it. I'm waiting for the woman at Apple to call me back and walk me through setting it up, because I so do not want to fuck it up again. Then there's the battery issue. Of course, I manage to do all this crap right before a 3-4 day weekend (I can't ever figure out who gets Monday off and who doesn't.)

Elizabeth commented after the first iPod death that these things come in threes. Well, the washing machine freaked out today. Mom's guess is that the little gizmo that tells it to stop filling has become dislodged, meaning it just keeps pumping in water. So we got to mop up a wet bathroom/laundry room floor, cleaning up mucho gross (but unused!) cat litter. Then, the other two loads of my laundry and the gross towels were hauled to the laundromat. I got fed up with the dryer, and brought most of the stuff home still damp to dry in our dryer. On the plus side, I got a fair chunk of "The Da Vinci Code" read. (The paperback was cheap enough that I didn't feel guilty about buying the book. It's been a tolerable FICTIONAL thriller so far.)

Add to this the fact that my DVD rental service screwed up royally this week, and it's been a "Universe 3, habsgirl 0" cycle. My DVD rental service generally sends out DVDs to me on Monday or Tuesday. Their website states that movies are sent out Monday through Wednesday. Well, this week, I got bupkis. (Making me feel not so bad about keeping the Enron documentary another week.) Now, had they sent an explanation, either spontaneously or in response to my Wednesday night email asking about this, all would be (relatively speaking) fine. I'd love a good reason (like "We were going to ship you the first three disks of Six Feet Under, and were waiting for the second one to come back.") but would be fine with something along the lines of "Oops, shit happens. We're sorry." No answer makes me crabby. Now, if I haven't heard anything by Tuesday, I'm going to be way past that.

To end on a positive note, on the way home from restoring the iPod, I stopped by a local yarn purveyor that I hadn't checked out previously (I'm lazy and I wasn't really sure they had yarn until a friend told me they did.) I'm impressed, and glad I didn't take my wallet, because I'm trying not to buy more yarn until I knit up some of the stuff I already have. That said, she has a lot of lovely silk and silk-blend lace-weight. Must finish sweater (I did weave another half a sleeve before the urge to hack up a hairball hit.)