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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


IPod still not working. They tell me that "It most likely is your computer. Find another computer and restore the machine to factory settings." Mind you, I've tried three different USB ports on my computer, and my Dad's Mini works just fine. This has caused me to discover that I know very few people that I feel comfortable asking to use their computer, and very few of those are running XP. So, tomorrow I go to my friend's house and restore. At which point, the iPod either (a) doesn't reset, necessitating a return or (b) it does reset, in which case I believe it's going to have to go back because the battery is crap. My first clue? It fully charged the first time in half an hour. With no use, the battery needed some charging the next day. After no use for a few days, the battery was totally drained. I am not happy. This is not any fun.

Couple that with the decision to rip out the Spring Leaves socks, and it's been a frustrating week at casa habsgirl. The socks were nearly done, but I really hate the star toe. I also think the socks are too loose, since I added 4 stitches to compensate for the tubular cast on, which I replaced with the far looser picot cast on. It sucks, but I'd rather be happy with the final product. This leaves me with the end weaving for Bias to do. I am not allowing myself to start anything else until that's finished. Why? I'll procrastinate on the ends if I have anything more fun to do. I have finished one sleeve, leaving me with one sleeve and the upper bodices to go. I won't be able to block in the dining room until Monday, because little brother (and his fiancee, I assume) will be coming out for dinner on Sunday.

To sum up - life sucks.