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Friday, April 07, 2006


I never thought the thirty-six hour old iPod could be considered geriatric. Apple sent me a "new" one (could be used, could be refurbished) and it arrived today. I hooked it up at 4:30 pm and was as careful as could be.

Dead by 6 pm. As far as I can tell, same freaking problem.

Honestly, if you are sending out a replacement, wouldn't you check it first? I seriously doubt it's my system, since I've added stuff to Dad's mini and charged it without a single problem in the time between the death of One and the death of Two. (At this rate, I'll just number them and hope I don't hit double figures.) So, I'll be calling Apple tomorrow to see what to do next. I would have done it online, but I'm not sure what the "purchase date" would be for this.

I also did a little shopping Wednesday. We went into the LYS with a dual purpose: (1) to check on the Silk Stream I ordered for Zib (it's been ordered from Fleece Artist, and nobody knows when I'll get it) and (2) to check the sale shelves. The shop discontinued Svale, and there had been a small amount left the last time I was in. I remembered a lovely pale grey that would look lovely worked up into Calla and would be cheap. Well, when I got there, there was no more grey. However, there were 5 balls of a mossy olive green, or to be precise, "Sage". Since my size takes 5 balls, I decided to call it kismet and whipped out the gift card - $20 later, it came home with me. (Yes, no yarnography. No camera, and I can't draw.)

That was followed by the mostly fruitless search for a navy linen or cotton shirt. I saw a couple in the Lands' End catalog that I like (especially this one), but I'm cheap and was sure I could find something similar in my usual local haunts. Nope. Old Navy had nothing, Jacob had nothing and Le Chateau had a whole bunch of cute lacy white skirts, but no navy shirts. I did find a simple navy linen shirt in Eddie Bauer, but it was $80. For that price, I'll buy the one I like from Lands' End. So, the search shall continue another day. I really should know better than to go looking for something specific - it's the kiss of death for me.