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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Mysteries of Fair Isle

Well, as you may have gleaned from the sidebar, I have started Bias Fair Isle. I cast on the kerchief/swatch on Tuesday night, finished knitting it last evening, wove/knotted in the ends (those of you shrieking in horror, you try weaving in ends in superwash fair isle. I want secure ends (there are 48 in that piece), thankyouverymuch), washed and blocked. Here's the end result:

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It doesn't have straps at this point. I'm reserving the right to rip the sucker if I need more yarn to finish off the sweater - the ends are going to be bad enough without the slight extra hassle of unravelling the straps. Plus, I may not ever wear the kerchief - a bit twee for my style. I, as always, reserve the right to change my mind at any time. I started the sweater at sit and knit today, and it looks just like the point of the kerchief/swatch, except with numerous dangly bits on the edges. There will most likely be progress pictures as we go along.

And, as always, the LYS offered temptation. This time, I bit:
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Two pairs of skeins of Lang Jawoll Color in blacks and greys, on sale for 40% off. I'm going to offer to knit Dad some socks, and if he doesn't want socks, Mom will always appreciate more, and she likes dark colors. There was also a boatload of Jawoll Cotton on sale, but the colors didn't interest me. I was also later than usual, so the hordes other knitters had already made great inroads into the supply. Just as well. I've got an adequate supply on hand (3 pairs of socks on hand, two on the way and 4 skeins of Koigu earmarked for a different project that may end up being socks as well.) Yes, one can never have too much yarn on hand. However, too much yarn will leave me sleeping in a yarn-lumpy bed.