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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Everything is Irritated

Except for my new socks!

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The color on the picture is way out of whack. This was lightened using the rudimentary editing tools in the photo editing software I use. I chalk it up to the lack of sunlight. It's winter here, and overcast far more than it is sunny. Next up will be Bias Fair Isle. If I want a hope of wearing it this winter, I need to get cracking. Plus, it lets me avoid Mom's sweater some more! It will get done - I'm hoping the relative complexity of Bias will give me more boring sweater incentive.

In reference to the title, I'm irritated with my DVD rental service. Two weeks ago today (as in Tuesday - I don't mentally change days until I go to sleep), they sent out "In the Mood for Love," "The Bicyle Thief," and "Inside Deep Throat." They have vanished into the maw of Canadapost, never to be seen again. I hold out hope, but I also hold out hope for the movies they sent out a year ago that never arrived. Fine, dandy, bound to happen. So, last Wednesday afternoon, I sent off an e-mail, all chatty and nice, stating that the movies hadn't made it (and last week's batch had - mailed Tuesday, delivered Wednesday.) I get the auto-reply, which states that they will reply in 24 hours. I wait. Thursday passes. Friday passes. The weekend passes. Monday passes. Monday afternoon, off goes a much more terse e-mail. Autoreply arrives. Tuesday passes. I don't hear from them by tomorrow afternoon, I'm calling and leaving a message (I think the phone automatically goes to voicemail.) I'm not happy. I'm also not happy the movies were lost, because I doubt they have more than one copy of "In the Mood" and "Bicycle Thief." I wish the site would indicate if a movie is lost, because I seriously doubt that "An American in Paris" has been out for a year. But that's a separate whine.

To answer Karen's question from the comments, I have not seen either Nine Queens (or the American remake, Criminal.) I vaguely remember it playing during PIFF (Portland International Film Festival, at which I used to volunteer), but didn't see it - either I was working or I was too pooped to go. Perhaps, when I am back to content with the DVD people (ie, I get a response), I'll add that to my list of requests. I have to admit that I tend to be lazy about subtitled movies and rent French (my French is usually good enough to follow the movie without slavish attention to the subtitles.)

To finish off on a happier note, I bought more sock yarn. After seeing Amanda's Quebec sock yarn, and realizing I had heard about this "Canadian Colors" sock yarn, but not seen it in my lovely Canadian YSs, I did a little hunting. I ended up at the usual last resort for my odder desires - eBay. Here is the color card, and I bought Montreal (for me) and Ottawa (for my mom, who's already whining for more socks.) I wonder what exactly made them think "weird blocks of slightly odd colors - Ottawa!" I've got hopes that I can knit them into something less blocky - I bought them for the names, not necessarily the colors.

Ooh, and my snarky comment about the easiness of last weekend's headscratcher at Entertainment Weekly got published. (It took me all of 5 seconds to guess it, and I know minimal stuff about the damned Mercury Prize. )