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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wonder Sweaters

Some progress photos. Taken in near-dusk conditions in my room.

Mom's sweater:

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This got a fair amount of work time this weekend. One of my rentals was a very weird 60s Japanese film, "The Pornographers." Amazing cinematography, but the film didn't do much for me. Which is pretty typical of Japanese cinema and me - I fell asleep during "Throne of Blood" and only picked up the plot because it was loosely based on "MacBeth." However, I did like "Rashomon." Go figure. (The other two movies this weekend were "Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason," which was as bubblegummy as I expected, and "Robots" which I hated and shut off after about 45 minutes.)

Bias Fair Isle:
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I'm almost finished the fourth full repeat of the pattern. At some point in the next repeat (yet to be calculated because I'm being lazy) I will bind off on both sides until I run out of stitches. I've got serious doubts about the side seams on this, but time will tell. I am enjoying the process, in spite of the fact that several purl rows got tinked because I botched the stitch pattern. (And a few knit rows when I screwed them up, but those generally went wrong part way through.)

New yarn! My eBay purchases showed up today. Regia Montreal:
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Regia Ottawa:
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Now I want to knit socks instead of sweaters, but I must resist temptation. Must finish sweaters.