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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Am I really THAT predictable?

Doing a little late-night blog surfing, I came across a movie suggestion site. So I gave it a whirl. Filled in the personality profile and hit the "mood assessment" section (how much of a stretch from your standard taste you're looking for, and how "serious" a film you want. Plugged in slight stretch and a bit past midway towards serious. Here's the results:

Y Tu Mama Tambien - seen it
Hable Con Ella - seen it
La Dolce Vita - want to see it, is on my movie list (but it's not currently available)
A Clockwork Orange - seen it
Trainspotting - seen it
8 1/2 - want to see it, is on movie list but not currently available
Run Lola Run - seen it
Punch Drunk Love - haven't seen it, so I put it on my movie list.

Sheesh. (After PDL, it spit out Eyes Wide Shut. Since I'm avoiding the Crazy Clam's movies, not gonna happen.)

Then I told it I wanted totally different from my taste, and total popcorn movie. It suggested "You've Got Mail" (rejected), Smokey and the Bandit (rejected) and Pretty Woman (caught it one of the eight million times it aired on TV.)

All in all, I think I'll have a lot of fun with the site. It's not as helpful as if I hit my local video store, since I'm dependent on what is sent to me. However, I think it will make for some interesting additions to the list. Which is good, since the not-currently-available movies (which I push to the bottom of the list) start at 58 (of a list that holds 100, although it is currently at 92.)