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Friday, December 09, 2005

A conundrum

When possible, I head to my LYS on Thursday afternoons for "Sit and Knit." Today, I picked up the latest newsletter. It mentions the sessions, and says that if you plan to attend, they request you purchase your supplies from them. They have a point, but there's a big ol' yabbut. The yarn selection can leave a lot to be desired. It's great if you have a thing for petroyarns/partial petroyarns. Other areas, not so much. The only laceweights offered are mohair. I prefer non-mohair. Wanna hand-painted yarn? Better adore Fleece Artist, because it's your only option, and it's mostly projects I'm not interested in. Sport-weight cotton? No such thing. However, there is an enormous range of fluffy crap, which seem to be highly popular, from the number of people in that section when I'm there.

If they have what I want, I buy it there. If they don't have it, I buy elsewhere. Of the 20 projects in my Flickr gallery, only 4 were bought at the LYS. (I do have several projects in stash or in the UFO pile that I bought there.) The rest were made from yarns not stocked there. I don't expect them to stock solely according to my needs, but it really doesn't cater to an "advanced knitter." What am I supposed to do if I'm knitting up my skein of HandMaiden Lace Silk (pictures this weekend) and I don't have any other projects on the the needles? Should I knit a project in a yarn I think is wrong because that's what they sell? Buy something I don't need so I can sit with my friends? Do my patterns have to come from there, too? 'Cause I haven't seen "Loop-d-Loop" there. Or "Scarf Style."

I don't know. Like the title says, it's a conundrum. How do you support a store that doesn't fit your purchasing patterns?