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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I think I'm going to pay tomorrow...

...because I went ice skating today. The company who fixed my computer offered its customers a chance to skate at the Corel Center. The same ice (more or less) that the professionals skate on? Who can pass that up? Not me. So I got the skates sharpened and laced 'em up. Keep in mind that (a) I was never the greatest skater and (b)I haven't been on skates in about 11 years. I am quite proud to report that I didn't fall at all. It wasn't always pretty - witness me clutching the boards:

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But I eventually got enough coordination together to move away from the edges:
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For truly bizarre entertainment value, try watching the film version - it's an 8MB file, runs a little over a minute, and requires Windows Media Player. I may play more with the video functions on the camera - it's kinda fun. (NOTE: I can't get the video to play. If you try, let me know what the results are.)

Knitting content, you say? Well, Spring Blossoms is off the needles:
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(Note the lovely cloud-print sheets.) I plan to block it this week, but want to use wires, as pinning out 78 loops per side (312 in total) is not my idea of a good time. However, Home Depot didn't have the necessary supplies. We shall see what I can find. I am back to working on Sweet and Lowdown, which is quite a change - it is very tight and the yarn is much harsher than the wool and silk Zephyr used in Spring Blossoms.

And soon, yet another new project will join the lineup - I won Amanda's identify the object contest, so some Lorna's Laces sock yarn and a new pattern are eventually going to arrive at casa Habsgirl. It's interesting, because the pattern is designed for clogs, and my new winter footwear is a pair of clogs. I'm rarely out very long, and I think I have some old hiking boots for any time I have to shuffle through snowpiles. I'm just tired of bleeding all over my socks. Of course, I have to knit Melly's socks first, but they're for a child, how long could they take? (I know, famous last words.)