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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sorry, no pictures today

Both bloody sets of batteries didn't have enough juice. Both Grove Ribby and Hush-hush are done. With some work tonight, Kimono will be joining their ranks. The wrist-to-neck seams are done, leaving the wrist to waist seams and the hem. Once the batteries are re-juiced, I will take pictures.

Two new projects have joined the WIP column. Olive Leaf socks are for Mom - olive sock yarn from Elann knit toe-up using the charts from the Leaf Lace Socks at Southern Cross Knitting. It's knit cuff down, and I wanted my leaves pointing upward. Southern Cross Knitting is an Aussie on-line mag, and if you like dyeing, I would think it's a great reference. It's nearly tempting me into dyeing my own. The sock is currently stalled on the heel, but it's intended as a travel project and it's too hot for socks, so I'm not concerned. The Denim Pullover is using the cone of Den-m-nit I ordered from Elann last summer. I'm using a raglan pattern out of the 16-24 Phildar, with numerous modifications. First off, I'm knitting it in the round, and the pattern is seamed pieces. Then, my row gauge ends up being 8 rpi instead of the 6.25 in the pattern, which means modifications to both the raglan (just like Opale, any double decreases become 2 singles) and the sleeve increases (which I'll cross when I get there. This will end up being a big sloppy sweater. Since the dye crocks, my hands usually look like I'm turning into a smurf. It washes off, though.

Plus, some strange impulse came over me recently. It led to the following purchases:

Shawl #1: Spring Blossoms Shawl by Eugen Beugler, along with Zephyr in Lady Slipper (scroll down a bit to see the picture.) I bought this because I need a practice shawl before Shawl #2, which I bought first.

Shawl #2: The Wedding Ring Shawl. I saw this on Wendyknits' blog (she ordered it a couple of weeks ago) and it looks like my kind of challenge. I won't be tackling it for a while (probably at least a year,) but I just couldn't resist its siren call.

Oddly enough, I've avoided shawls because I can't see me wearing one, even though I've been wanting more challenging knits. The challenge finally won out.