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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The evil one has returned.

OK, "evil" is a touch over the top. But not much. After a blissful lovely Chris-free summer, he has returned. Turns out that soccer practices of some ilk were responsible for keeping him away. Oh, for eternal soccer. He's already pissed off the person sitting next to him by pretty much refusing to do anything involving the music. He kept telling her he didn't have pieces he did have. Plus a threat that he'll play in the concert on Thursday. Oh dear.

Couple that with the fact that I had no knitting at practice, and it wasn't particularly pretty. The only projects currently on the needles are not suited for use in a room with no air conditioning and 40 people breathing heavily into instruments. Hush-hush is blocking behind me (one more quadrant to block and it's totally finished); Grove Ribby awaits end weaving and I'm even seaming Kimono!!! The left wrist-to-neck seam is finished. I attempted to cast on socks for mom, taking the leaf lace pattern seen in Southern Cross Knitting, issue #2 and knitting toe-up socks (so the leaves point upwards) but I need to concentrate to do the figure-8 cast on.

Since I'm really in bitch mode (my mother would say I'm usually in bitch mode, but that's her opinion!), I feel like bitching about something I saw on the Knittyboard. The thread about "negative knitbloggers" is one I don't understand. I don't remember getting a contract with my first set of knitting needles that bound be to be nothing but sweetness and light. Just because someone knits doesn't mean that person is nice. I have knit things that other people aren't fond of - I knit a fake fox, for pity's sake! And an ack-rylic wig!!! (OK, the yarn wasn't that bad. I still knit a wig.) Could people make merciless fun of me? Sure. Do I care? Not so much. Frankly, some of my fashion choices are on the bizarre side. The "What Not To Wear" people would probably have a field day in my closet. (I'd prefer the Brits, but would settle for the Americans.) And the sweaters that caused all the commotion? Gotta say they're ugly. I like the idea of cables and fair isle, but the color combo is bad. Admittedly, I think that sheep brown color is awful in any situation, but pairing it with the bright primaries? Not going to work. The sum result of my opinion? I won't ever knit the sweaters, unless I see some other color combos that are more harmonious to my eyes. Do I care if people agree? To quote the title of a favorite author:

What Do You Care What Other People Think?