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Thursday, May 19, 2005

If I only had a camera...

I could show you all sorts of stuff. But the camera is at some girl's house in Calgary. Fingers crossed that it comes back this weekend.

What could I show you? Well, I could show you the finished Retro Rib socks. Or I could show you the finished Opale, complete with cute little buttons. Perhaps the neatly finished sleeve for Peek-a-boo (which is back in the rotation, because it's the only project currently not missing yarn or needles.) I couldn't sleep last night, so I did manage to use the time productively.

Or I could show you the yarn for Hush-hush. That would be Endless Summer Collection Lara in Sapphire - a lovely deep cobalt-ish blue. A drastic change from the original, but I like it. This would be one of the projects in need of needles, the other being the ChicKami (and by extension, most likely the Ribby Shell as well). I swatched that on my 7 bamboo circs, but it's too loose (unless it shrinks in the wash, that is.) So I need to pick up a bunch of circulars at sit and knit today, since I don't have bamboo in the requisite sizes. Spend money at the yarn store? Twist my rubber arm.

I've currently got the Friday Practice for the Grand Prix of Monaco on. This is my hands-down favorite race. It is the one race I remember watching as a child. Formula One definitely made an impression on me. As a child, I thought the local track was a road course - what else could it be? It's actually a very nice 3/8 mile oval. NAPCAR will never run there, but that's fine - I kind of like the local flavor. Mind you, I've only gone once, but I may try to get father and brother out there some time this summer.