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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Since I have yet to get a picture of Clapotis that I like, a little filler, courtesy of Joeli:

The Band: Girls Against Boys (gotcha! - to be fair, I couldn't answer all the questions with Helmet songs, try as I might.)

Are you a male, or female: Life in Pink

Describe yourself: One Firecracker

How do some people feel about you: Tucked-in

How do you feel about yourself: (I) Don't Got a Place

Describe your family: Bughouse

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: Black Hole

Describe where you want to be: Park Avenue

Describe what you want to be: In Like Flynn

Describe how you live: Another Drone in my Head

Describe how you love: Bulletproof Cupid

Share a few words of wisdom: Let it Breathe; Go Be Delighted; Disco Six Six Six.