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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Torture is too good for those who create viruses

And spyware. And trojan horses.

Yes, a mere week after having someone spend the day cleaning crap out of my computer, it's got crap again. Why? Well, the nerd told me that I needed to increase the memory, so I can run the lovely anti-spyware program she installed. So, Thursday, I headed out and bought a new memory card. I looked online and got what seemed to be the recommended card. Damn thing didn't fit. So tonight, the family went back to return it and get a properly sized one. With the old card stashed in a disposable plastic container. It took a half an hour to get someone to deal with me, and even then he kept getting distracted. It really pissed me off. No button to press to get service, stuck back in a corner where nobody came, and even when it finally got to be my turn, he's talking to other customers. I didn't interrupt when the other people were serving others. Show me a modicum of consideration.

Anyways, after an "interesting" drive home (dad got pissed off trying to get out of the parking village from hell), I install new memory card. Damned anti-spyware program still doesn't run. Plus, the virus scan does run - and a damned trojan has taken up residence. I think I need to go clean out the registry keys, because I'm guessing there's a bunch of crap in there, since I'm sure I saw stuff like "milf" appear when it was running the registry keys. I'm just so sick of cleaning up messes that some jackass created. Like the caption says, torture is too good for them.

In positive news, Clapotis is almost finished - just a few ends left to weave in. Pictures soon.