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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Summer Stockpile Grows

I finally committed to some yarn for the Ribby Shell and ChicKami patterns my secret pal sent me. I had Elann credit, so for $10, the yarn for two summer tops are winging my way (or will be come Monday.) For the Ribby Shell, I chose Jo Sharp Soho Summer in Grove; for the ChicKami, Four Seasons Roma in Bluebell. Since both patterns knit at 20sts/4 inches, I think I'll like the slightly thicker Roma for the Kami, especially since I'm not particularly happy with the DK-weight Mystik I used for Honeymoon - I prefer a thicker fabric with a slender strap. The more substantial structure of the Ribby Shell should avoid those issues with the Soho Summer. At any rate, that gives me three non-wool knitting projects for summer. Here is a half-decent photo of the third project, which will be done in the green Phil'Eponge I bought off of eBay.

I survived the parade. There were lots of people out, so I would guess that it will continue as an evening parade for the foreseeable future. Then again, knowing the people who run this town, you never know. We ended up playing two songs over and over and over and over and over (Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells) - by the end of the parade, they were pretty much memorized. It was cold, but my Hallowig kept me nice and warm. I still think parades are stupid. Especially at this time of the year - it's cold, there's no way to keep really warm. Ick.

Dad's sweater is coming along nicely (I went with the larger picture to show off the detail.) If my yarn estimates are correct, I should have about 5 balls left over, which I will use to knit a scarf adapted from Cozy for a friend. That's getting ahead of myself, however. First, I need to finish Dad's sweater.