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Friday, December 03, 2004

Is Canada Post Trying to Earn My Business...

... or just trying to piss me off? I'm voting for the latter. I have a package to mail. Reasonable size (34x14x8 cm, 1.14 kg), going to the States, worth about $20. I get to the postal outlet (I mail stuff at the drugstore, because the people at the post office are mean) and fork it over. Price to mail? FOURTY BUCKS! Sure, it would get there in two days, but I don't care if it gets there that fast. I'd like to pay less that the value of the package. I think I have it figured out - I have knocked the weight down to under a kilo - some of the stuff came out, the paper wrapping came off (replaced by shipping labels covering the writing on the original box, the tongue of the box hacked off. Add this to the DVD that is taking more than two weeks (mailed on the 18th of November, has yet to travel the 40 minute drive to its destination), and I'm not happy with our current system.

I did buy some books today. Old books. Surprisingly expensive books. One was $10, the other $7.50. I guess I am moving into "rare"-ish book world. I bought Cherry Ames, Visiting Nurse and Cherry Ames, Clinic Nurse. Both are part of series (gee, really? I never would have guessed) about a nurse (you don't say!) who seems to get herself caught up in mysteries wherever she goes. They are YA novels from the 40s - the first several being Student Nurse, Senior Nurse, Army Nurse, Chief Nurse, Flight Nurse and Veteran's Nurse - sense a theme? I had a dream Saturday night about buying a bunch of the books, which made me pull Senior Nurse (the first one I own) off the shelves for a re-read. I quite enjoyed it - it's a little hokey, but far better written than some of the stuff I have reread (*cough*Forever*cough*). I'd like to end up with a complete set, but at market prices, that will be a while. Plus, I want somewhat specific editions (the tweedy covers in red and brown, as opposed to the 60s era illustrated covers, although I think some only come in illustrated covers.) I've got a list, so I'll keep it in my wallet, for reference when in used book stores.

Gotta go - time for Most Haunted - love my hokey scary shows!