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Saturday, November 27, 2004


It's been one of those times when I haven't felt like blogging.

Knitting progress - both sleeves of Rhapsody are done, and the back has an additional repeat to be done (covering Dad's gut requires extra length.) I knit a glove, but am unhappy with the fit (it's just not right), so I will use the other two skeins to knit gloves later. I am pondering using my Elann credits to buy some cotton yarn for summer tops.

Secret pal booty:

The cotton for summer tops would be to knit up ChicKnits' Ribby Shell and/or ChicKami, patterns given to me by my secret pal, along with a bunch of other booty:

Thank you very much for everything, Joeli!

Random DVD thought:
Reading Newsweek this week, I discovered that a box set of "Jem" has been released. "Jem" was a cheesy 80s cartoon (or is "cheesy" and "80s" redundant?) that I kinda liked. My parents keep asking if there is anything else I want, so I thought "Hmmmm, possible Christmas present." Then I checked the price. One hundred bucky-wuckies. I didn't like the show anywhere near that much. For that price, I'd rather have the first season of "The Wire" or a couple of seasons of "Oz." C'mon, the choice between hot men (naked hot men in the case of "Oz") and a bunch of cartoon teenybopper Barbie-a-likes? That's too easy.

Last weekend, my parents and I drove up to Montreal. I needed to do a little secret pal shopping, and wanted to check out the new yarn shop in Montreal. I got dropped off near the yarn shop at 12:30, and told my parents I would meet them at one of the downtown big-box bookstores at 2:30 - 2 hours would be more than enough to run the errands I wanted. Sure, in theory. However, my life never runs according to theory. Mouline Yarns (there should be an accent on that last e, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to do so at the moment) is a lovely shop with a selection very different from the stores I go to in Ottawa - lots of Rowan and Noro, some Debbie Bliss and some other intriguing yarns. I didn't buy anything, but I spent nearly two hours in the store, talking with Scott (I think - my memory sucks when it comes to names) - I also spoke with Svetlana, the owner, but not nearly as much. So I had to book it up Notre Dame until I hit Peel and headed north to make my brief stop at the Canadiens gift shop, buy stuff and bolt for the bookstore. I got there at 3 (rather impressive, I must say,) went up to the McGill bookstore (stopping to examine the crater in MacTavish - my guess would be that a sinkhole opened up, because you wouldn't dig something that extensive in November if you didn't have to), bought a few more things and then we headed to the bagel shop and then home.

OK - time to wrap this up. I'm trying to type while I'm watching "Red Dwarf" - Parallel Universe, to be precise, and I should try to go to sleep somewhat early, so that I can go find some lighting gear so I can play in the stupid Santa Claus parade. The only comfort is that it isn't supposed to be bitterly cold tomorrow. Then again, that's what they said about Remembrance Day, too.