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Saturday, November 13, 2004

PMS and the Knittyboard don't mix.

How do I know? The big, screaming meltdown I had yesterday might be a clue. The images in posting just drove me right over the cliff. Between that, the irritating posters, the people who want the universe given to them, the people who post the same freaking question in multiple fora - made for a day I spent elsewhere.

I've been thinking about the board in a general sense, and have found an analogy that works for me: it's like my women's fraternity (actual term - we usually call it a sorority, since that's become more common.) You join and are full of energy. You give it your all for a somewhat fixed period of time (to refer to the fraternity, 3 years membership (joined my sophomore year), 2 years of officer-hood.) This drains the life out of you - by the end of your college years, you are damn glad to be getting away from the crap. However, there is a whole new group of recruits, who are just as enthusiastic as you were once upon a time. Once you hit "graduation," a bunch of people wander off, but some stick around and serve as alumnae advisors (alumnae is the Latin female plural (female singular=alumna; male singular=alumnus; male plural=alumni)- the amount of weird info I have left in my head from that period boggles the mind.) I now have even more respect for the alum advisers from my college days - they had the patience of saints.

I will admit that our tiny chapter (generally around 20 members) lead to more responsibility and stress than a more typical chapter would. My first year I was Keeper of the Ritual, Membership Ed Chair (a quaint convention - the only chairs who had committees were Rush and Chapter Relations) and Panhell Delegate/Secretary; my second year, I was Chapter Treasurer and Panhell President (emphasis on -hell.) After that, I was quite ready to give up the offices. I could not have taken a third year of that.

In knitting news, I do have new yarn:

The mauve Jawoll is for "Mauve Marching Mitts" - what I'm calling my modified Broad Street Mittens. I nearly froze my fingers off at Remembrance Day, because I grabbed the first pair of gloves that looked like they would fit. They didn't. Therefore, I'll knit my own, with REALLY long cuffs (jacket sleeves tend to slide backwards) and the longest fingers that won't interfere with playing (which may actually mean full fingers - time will tell.) The green Phil'Eponge was an eBay purchase - more than enough to knit a cute summer cardi when summer arrives. Dad's sweater is coming along - one sleeve is done and the back has a little more than one repeat completed. Most of which was done in the car today, as I played Santa's chief elf and went Christmas shopping with Dad.