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Saturday, October 23, 2004

New Yarn!

Here's a picture of my new yarn:
Thumbnail image
If you click on the picture, you get a view of all the yarn (posed oh-so-gracefully on my unmade bed.)

I'm sluggish (not enough sleep lately) and crabby - blasted post office managed to get me the DVD my rental place mailed me on Wednesday today, but not the ones mailed Tuesday. Why is this a problem? The Tuesday DVDs are my latest rentals - discs 1-3 of "The Wire." Haven't seen it, but am very excited. I was expected to spend the weekend with the cops and criminals of Ballmer (Baltimore). No such luck. Wednesday's DVD is "Lost in Translation," which my rental place is giving to me (rather than sell off excess stock, they offer it to devoted renters!) Oh well, I spent tonight watching "Most Haunted" (British show where a group of people check out a haunted location) and "Kingdom Hospital," which has finally (I think) reached the point where I quit watching the first time around. I want to see what King does with it, because I've also seen "Riget" (the original Danish miniseries.) So far, it seems to be introducing too many characters and going way too slow. I quit watching it when it was moved to Thursdays, because I was already watching hockey and taping CSI. I tried setting up the VCR in the computer room, but I'd forget.

No real knitting this week - but I've caught up on my incomplete books. I bought some more yarn (blue Classic Wool) to practice Fair Isle before I start on my hat, and some bamboo toothpicks... I mean, needles for socks - 2 mm and 2.25 mm....

Crap, Servia's going to have to start at the back of the field tomorrow because he's having to go to his back-up car. (I'm listening to qualifying - and occasionally bringing up the visuals - as I write this.) In other Servia news (hey, my blog is what's interesting to me. Don't like it, don't read it!), he's shaved his head - but Speed didn't bother to get a picture. How aggravating.

OK, time to call it an entry and get back to watching a Servia-less qualifying (sniff)....