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Thursday, October 21, 2004


I'm a big fan of quizzes. Saw this one on Purls Beyond Price:

Headed through the site to see what this really meant, and here's the description (my comments in italics):
An Indie Girl's life is a Statement with a capital S, but unlike the Granola Girl, the statement is not political -- it's artistic. Indie Girls consider themselves actresses in the movie of life. Your meal needs to be constructed like an independent film. If you're bringing her over for a date, you are playing a character in her movie. If you create a setting, props, and a soundtrack that are good enough to avoid the cutting-room floor, she's yours.

You can boil the Indie Girl down to two words: cultural literacy. Or how about these two: media consumption. As the Gourmet Girl loves food and all that goes with it, the Indie Girl loves media: books, movies, music, and art. The good news is you don't have to be rich, good-looking, or famous to win this girl's heart. The bad news is she will judge you based on your music choices, the books you read, and the films you watch.Very true - if you watch nothing but Van Damme movies, you are too strange for me!

She Might Be a Indie Girl if:

1. She drives: a classic car, a VW beetle, a Mini Cooper, or a Vespa scooter. (I would drive a Mini or a Vespa if I could drive!)
2. She can talk for more than ten minutes about: obscure pop culture.
3. She begins her sentences with: "It's like that Simpsons episode . . ." (Actually, it would be "It's like that Buffy episode..." most of the time, but Simpsons references are not beyond my skill)
4. She'd never: drive a mini-van.
5. She owns any of the following: TiVo, a mini-DV camera, an iPod, a pottery wheel, a serger, or a lava lamp.

From the sidebar, you can see that I've been reading more than knitting. Sitcom just needs the last few ends worked in and blocking into shape. The first band took forever - I picked up all the stitches, and started binding off when I took a good look at it and the pattern. I had it reversed - the bands are in reverse stockinette, and I did it in plain. So I picked back and started over again. Part-way through the first row, I took another look at the pattern. Wrong needle - I used an 8, and I should have used the 5. Grrr. Rather than pick up all the stitches again, I just slid each stitch onto the 5 and tightened. Take 3. Knit to cast off row. Nope, can't get this right. So cut the yarn (Waterspun does not take kindly to multiple rips) and tear out the whole thing. Doubly good - I managed to switch the row of stitches I was picking up part-way through. Pick up the right stitches the right way on the right needle, and away I went. This time, all went swimmingly, and the other two bands were much easier.

In happier news, Mr. Postman brought me yarn both yesterday and today! Yesterday the 25 balls of Merlot Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran arrived, and today other yarn (which is partially for me and partially for my secret pal, so I say no more) arrived. The Silkroad will rest for a while, since the Silkroad Aran Tweed (in Beach) that I ordered for Dad yesterday should be knit up first. I have lots of sweaters; Dad, not so many. I will take pictures tomorrow. Yesterday, I was sleepy all day because I got up way too early for me to order Dad's yarn. Today, I slept late, had to leave somewhat early (went to the local high school and played with the band as they test-drove their festival pieces), and the weather was lousy. Tomorrow I will take pictures.