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Thursday, September 02, 2004

I promised pictures...

... and here they are.

First, my one and only needlepoint project:

This is called "Provincial Flowers" (I think), and I bought it from Chatelaine in 1994. I completed it sometime in the fall of 1994, and it has been folded up and moved ever since. It is time it became the cushion it should be.
As to identifying the flowers: Top row: Fireweed - Yukon Territory; Pitcher Plant - Newfoundland and Labrador; Lady's Slipper - Prince Edward Island. Second row: Prairie Crocus - Manitoba; Fleur-de-lys - Quebec (they changed the flower in 1999 - it's now the blue iris); White Trillium - Ontario; Purple Violet - New Brunswick. Third row: Wild Rose - Alberta; Western Red Lily - Saskatchewan. Bottom row: Mountain Avens - Northwest Territories; Mayflower - Nova Scotia; Pacific Dogwood - British Columbia. For those of you on top of your geography, Nunavut is not included because it had not yet been created - it was still part of the Northwest Territories. If you want to see nicer pictures, look here. It's where I looked up about half of these (I knew Yukon, PEI, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan. I knew BC was the dogwood, but I had no clue which small white flower it was on the work!)

My little friend the grasshopper:

My friend Jo gave him to me for my birthday in 2001, IIRC. I just thought he needed to come into the house. He landed on the bookshelves above my DVD/VCR and next to my spare compact fluorescent bulb and ancient prescription sunglasses.

My cat is staring at me - I think it's time to go!