Knit a little, read a little, watch a little

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I've been meaning to post...

... but I've been reading the archives of the knitflame list instead. It's been making me feel much better about my previous bitchy rant. These things come and go, and it's not just the board. Plus, it's much funnier if you are distanced from stuff. I'm reading the archives from the beginning (5500 read out of nearly 38,000 - 4500 from the beginning and 1000 recent posts), and some of the old issues are hysterically funny, mostly because I'm not living through them.

Knitting proceeds. The cat pad cover is 3/4 done, and I'll probably work on that later tonight. Nice, easy knitting. I now have two cuffs for Kimono, because I was tired of having to battle umpteen circulars in the knitting bag, especially since all materials are now being kept in the project bag. So I knit one cuff, used a dpn to switch to the larger size, stuck point protectors on it and shoved it in the bag, then started the next cuff. Of course, switching to the larger needles was supposed to happen on the car ride to practice, but I had a temporary brain freeze and continued on the small needles. For nearly 20 rows. So I ripped it out and switched to the larger needles and continued for about 3 rows. I forgot to twist the stitch that I picked up the second go around, so tink went those three rows so I could get rid of the big hole. All is happy now, so that should go swimmingly. At least until I reach the neck. I have a nasty feeling that I may run out of yarn. Two swatches and the back took one ball of yarn. The front has many more stitches. We shall see.

I had pictures, but Photobucket was down, so they will come tomorrow. For a bit of a preview, the pictures are of stuff I retrieved from the garage today. I went foraging because I wanted some of my stationery supply - I buy oodles of notecards, but never send them. While I was there, I pulled out my one and only needlework project and a grasshopper sculpture a friend gave me for my birthday several years ago.

I hit the garage after my high school flashback. I had to return to my old high school (which is a block away from the house) to book the music room for band practice for the year. I was assigned the task because I'm closest and available. The front hall underwent massive renovations several years ago, but the office is still in it's old second floor location. I swear, I wanted to turn and go to history class when I got to the top of the stairs, and it's been nearly 15 years since I GRADUATED. Eeep.

More tomorrow...