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Thursday, August 26, 2004

A smattering of things

Just cleaning up some odds and ends.

First - secret pal stuff! I got a card from my secret pal:

For the punchline, click here.

Thanks, secret pal - I appreciate a good laugh at a bad joke!

Next, objects in progress. Both projects currently on the needles are about half-way through. First, Kimono:

I pulled it out last night to give it the once over before seeking help/sympathy at sit'n'knit. Lo and behold, the smaller side had grown to exactly the same size as the other. So I bound them off together and voila! Half a sweater. I have cast on for the next segment (which reminds me that I need to check and make sure that it's going correctly - I may need to reverse the rib pattern.)

Second, Cat Pad Mark II:

The two balls are the ones I bought today. All yarns are Mission Falls and colors, in order on pad are: fennel(cotton); mist(wool); graphite(cotton); mist; ebony(cotton); mallow(wool); graphite; mist; indigo(cotton). The balls at the bottom are the indigo and raspberry(wool).

Finally, the saga of the brioche. I pulled it out of the fridge the next day and found this:

Which I cut up into little bits, rolled into balls and turned into this:

I buttered plastic wrap (not easy to do) and covered them, and left them alone for two hours, at which point I glazed and snipped per instructions and here's the result:

Into a cozy oven for half an hour, and the final result?

I wasn't that impressed on day one. The texture is similar to store-bought white bread (which I love, don't get me wrong), but the taste wasn't all I was expecting. The next day, I made french toast. Yummy, but that could be the maple syrup too.

Today, I sliced up loaf 3. Still nice and squishy, and it seems to have more flavor.

Will I make it again? Probably not. Challah's easier and tastes just as good. But I'm glad I tried.