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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Definitely PMS

I woke up just fine this afternoon. That coupled with the fact that I was wishing they would stick to the on-car in-car camera shots, as opposed to the in-car in-car camera shots, proves that the hormones are running amok. If there were any cute men around, I think I might jump them. However, I have band for the next two evenings, and I won't be finding boys to jump there. Two age categories (roughly speaking) - old as the hills and "first word jail, second word bait." I just need to remember that this will pass. It seems to hit every August lately.

Other than those in-car in-car camera shots, the race was FANTASTIC. Watching Bourdais pass his way up to the front - there's nothing better than a clean, well-driven, pass-filled race. OK, my favorite drivers could have done better, but I'd rather watch a great race won by a non-favorite than a complete snoozer won by my favorite. I watch for the competition, not the outcome. And it was nice to see a Canadian at the top of the NASCAR race this week. Ron Fellows is a road-racing specialist brought in for the race at Watkins Glen. I think he may have been the only one running this week, since the grid was set on points because the widdle boys of NAPCAR can't run in the rain like real racers. (Do we detect a hint of sarcasm? No, we detect a boatload of sarcasm).

I think I'll go lay down and wait for the raging hormones to subside...