Knit a little, read a little, watch a little

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Don't you hate when you feel like that? I'm either suffering an entirely-too-early bout of PMS (since the last one was the end of July) or coming down with something. I enjoyed CCWS qualifying, but was irked because the one camera angle that seemed to involve sound was not the one I wanted at the end of the race. If one interviews drivers, one really ought to provide audio (Servia's got a nice new haircut, but has grown a goatee I'm not so sure about - just not a fan of facial fuzz). TV sucked tonight, and I felt lousy, so I half-heartedly watched an episode of "Firefly." Plus I have spent most of the afternoon and evening cross-stitching my plastic canvas handbag bits. I cannot believe people do this for fun - I'm going crazy. And I'm only halfway through the first of the sides. I refuse to do the bottom. If I get around to it tomorrow, I'll post a picture. I feel lousy, and should be heading for bed.


Edited to ask WTF is going through Jacques Villeneuve's head? Go back to BAR? Exactly how desperate are you to be back in F1?

Explanation - Villeneuve won the championship in 1997 with Williams, and joined BAR at its inception in 1999. BAR pretty much sucked from the get-go, dragging his career into the basement. He re-signed with the team 2001 (I think), but still no improvement. Until they brought in Jenson Button, who did much better than his older, more experienced teammate. (I think, and it's only my opinion, that Jenson was treated as the number one driver, getting better equipment etc. I could be wrong - just my opinion) Villeneuve's contract was not renewed at the end of last season, and he didn't drive the last race of the 2003 season. I think the bridge to BAR was well and truly burned at the time. But maybe not. And maybe I've got a sheep farm in the backyard.