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Monday, July 05, 2004

What is with childproof caps?

I just bought a fresh bottle of ibuprofen (living on your own teaches you the value of store brands, let me tell you), and I am currently struggling to get into the bottle, so I can transfer it to my regular bottle. Frankly, there are no children in the house, and if I'm needing ibuprofen, I don't want to struggle with the bloody bottle.

Anyways, in addition to the ibuprofen, I bought the sewing notions I need for "Operation Uniform" - aka how do I find something totally non-uniform to make my point. I also got a meter of ribbon to use for tying shut my nearly-completed Salt Peanuts! I just need to steam the collar into submission. The ribbon is bright pink, which will complement the medium grey of the yarn. Plus, I really am in a pink mode lately. I also checked out the knitting stuff. Everything was as I expected - the yarn is acrylic or novelty. Varying needles - circular, straight and dpns, all Aeros. Not bad if I need a new needle, but the yarn is pointless to me. Then again, the yarn I want wouldn't sell to their target demo (which I would bet would be beginning knitters, or those "old-school" types who believe that only acrylic is the way to go.

Practice switches to the other high school tonight, so I have to haul myself across town, instead of just a quick hop down the street. I keep getting asked if I need a ride - the thought is nice, but I don't need to be asked a million times.

I'm still waiting for my copy of "The Celtic Collection" to be shipped to me, in spite of the fact that I got an e-mail on the 27th indicating that it had shipped. Canada Post's tracking system indicates that they have received electronic information, but not the actual book. I sent an e-mail to Chapters/Indigo Online asking about this (not the first time I have had this happen), and they just say "it takes 3 to 9 days with free shipping for your order to arrive." This does not really answer my questions, which is why do they tell me they ship stuff long before they actually do (a book they shipped later has already arrived!).

Can I just say that Mike Krzyzewski made the right decision in NOT taking the Lakers' job? I don't really think any college coach could really make the switch from college to the pros, because college is all about the coaches, and the pros are all about the players. I think there are some good pro coaches, but it's got to be a bitch of a job massaging all those egos. The Lakers are no exception to the ego issues, and the whole Kobe-Shaq thing will be a problem for any coach (assuming both players remain with the team.)

To careen to yet another topic (I'm fond of such whiplash-like topic changes), the Champ Car race in Cleveland this weekend was great (in spite of the fact that I kept missing qualifying because the times were screwy). A big ol' front-runner kerfluffle to start, taking out Tracy and Wilson. Poor Carpentier's engine going - a rarity, now that the series uses only Ford Cosworths (could be worse - Takuma Sato's Honda engines in F1 seem to blow up pretty much every race). And Servia - 4th in a COYNE car? I have respect for Dale Coyne for managing to get two cars out week in and week out, but for years, they have been back markers. Maybe it proves that with talent in the car, you can get somewhere. Last year, the team was who I would have pointed to for all the whiners about Reynard chassis - "I'd do better if I had a Lola." If it was all about a Lola, why were the Coyne cars always at the back - he had Lolas. Anyways, I hope this is a sign of things to come (driver stability would make me very happy!)