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Friday, July 02, 2004

Happy Day After Canada Day!

...because I napped tonight instead of blogging. As usual, unintended. I just crash and burn.

The band played its Canada Day concert in the park. We get there and it's grey and overcast. Time for opening ceremonies? For the politicians, all sunshine (a MPP - Member of Provincial Parliament - whom I didn't vote for and a mayor who I had to resist the urge to get up and smack. Once the politicians clear off, we start playing (early for a change!) We get about 40 minutes in, and the heavens open - pouring rain, lightning, thunder, the whole nine yards. I was (for once) smart enough to get me a job that kept me sheltered - I put stuff in the van, leaving me under the hatch. Then I had to walk home in the rain, but that's ok - it's only a block and a half. It cleared up later in the day, so we got to listen to the "Valley Idol" semi-final contestants, sing.

Dad is staying home from work tomorrow, so shopping may get put off, but I do need to ask at the LYS about needles for Kimono. I swatched on the 4s/3.5 mm and got gauge, so I just need a second opinion as to whether I need to go down to 2s for the ribbing or if I can stick with the 3s I currently own.

The new Knitty is up, and polarizing people. It's odd, I found more stuff in this one that instantly cried out to be made than I did in the spring one. Maybe it's because I've got a couple of skeins of elann's Esprit laying around. I was going to make Broadripple socks, but if I'm being honest, I don't wear socks a lot, and the Esprit doesn't make ones that will fit nicely into my shoes. Which would mean large ugly bloodstains from blisters. Granted, looking at my heel area funny seems to cause blisters, but that's a separate issue! But Betty might be a better use for those balls. Will I wear it more? Maybe not, but it's different, and you never know.... In addition, 302 Calories needs to be made solely for kitsch value. Some of the other patterns are intriguing, but aren't calling out "Knit me, knit me!" Plus I knit a thong in 2000, so those are so "been there, done that."