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Thursday, July 15, 2004

The week progresses...

And so do I. I finished off Mom's socks, so she's happy. I'm holding off on major progress on Kimono until I get the book - I ordered it because I found enough weird things in the pattern that I think the book will help. I feel justified because there are some other cute patterns in there that I can make at a future date. My credit card was charged on Sunday, so it might be here tomorrow! I am also swatching up a storm for future projects. Betty is giving me fits. The pattern calls for #5s, I'm up to 8s and still not at gauge. I also swatched up the ancient Mary Maxim acrylic that was given to be by a friend. If I work out the kinks, I plan to use an up-sized version of the "Big Bad Baby Blanket" out of Stitch 'N Bitch to make something for Project Linus. The problem is that this yarn is (at least to my sensitive self) incredibly stiff and itchy. Not what I would want if I was the recipient. I tried soaking it in water and hair conditioner, which seemed to help a little bit. Since we get the car today (Thursday), I can go into Yarn Forward for Sit and Knit. I'll take the swatch and see if anybody has suggestions. The yarn is pink and yellow (separate balls of each color) which I don't like on their own, but double stranded (one pink, one yellow), it looks pretty nice. Here's a somewhat lame scan of the swatch:

Time to head to bed and finish off Skinny Dip - I just love Carl Hiaasen's stuff!

ETA - snuck in because I decided to add this -Yarn Forward Kanata Store. This is the web page for my beloved LYS. You can see the store, the table we sit around and knit...

Now I'm going to bed!