Knit a little, read a little, watch a little

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Another weekend gone...

I did get some knitting done. The socks are getting close to completion, and Kimono's coming along. I've figured out that I really do need the book, so I ordered it. There are some other cute patterns, and the instructions will help if I'm trying to translate more patterns in the future. The humidity is high, which makes it difficult to knit. All I want to do is lie around and watch TV.

I watched the 5th disk of the first season of Queer as Folk. A bit frustrating, since I haven't gotten disk 4 yet, so there were some plot points missing, but I survived, and it will all come together when Relay sends me the 4 disk.

I also watched the Toronto Indy (they really should look into changing the name, since the other series has reclaimed "IndyCar" and my beloved series now goes by "Champ Car" - or CART, since I'm lazy). Could Tracy and Tagliani have whined anymore... Actually, Paul was quite restrained, but that's just because he's already on probation. I just love Tagliani's "What did I do?" line of reasoning - HIT SERVIA, YOU MORON! At least Carpentier has the balls to admit that he hit Hunter-Reay. Plus, what is it with both the commentators and the hosts of SpeedNews? When I can call a race sitting on my butt in front of my TV better than someone who is reading a script hours after the race, something is seriously wrong. I also hope that Paul Gentilozzi offers Memo Gidley a fair chance in the car. I thought his performance was pretty damn impressive for someone who, before Saturday, hadn't been in a Champ Car since 2001.

I didn't watch the F1 race - I can't be bothered to get up that early just to watch Schumacher win. I am glad that Trulli walked away from that crash and that Raikkonen finally had a decent finish (all I need is a good highlights show.)

I'll quit boring y'all for a while...