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Friday, July 23, 2004

Replacement post!

Yes, I decided to delete the shot of my hair in the scanner. Photobucket will work well with photos, so no need to panic. Hello has yet to make sense to me.

I took in the film to be developed, and pictures should be up sometime tomorrow. I need to pick them up and scan them (CD burner is broken at the local Motophoto, and they can't get someone out to fix it). Hopefully, they turn out.

Went into my LYS and knit. The sleeve of Kimono is almost done again. And new books arrived! I didn't get a chance to look at Confessions of a Knitting Heretic, but did look at Mindful Knitting, which looked like a library book (too beginner to buy, but interesting) and Rowan's Denim People pattern book, where I found an idea I liked. Bleach. (Scroll down to the "more patterns in this magazine" section and look at the last sweater in the second row. Knit up a sweater and then go all Jackson Pollock on it. The circles are actually made using vegetables dipped in bleach. I'd rather just splatter semi-randomly. I think I could do it for a reasonable price - I just need to figure out a pattern, 'cause I don't want to shell out for the book for one sweater. Plus I don't like the actual sweater. I'm sure I could make something that is more me.

Discovered that we are leaving for the stupid parade on Saturday at 11:45. Ugh. Considering the parade starts at 2, I think we're way early, but I'm not driving. I'll take some knitting and try to find shade.