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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Me again...

I'm up at an hour that I usually don't see - I firmly believe in sleeping the morning away, because TV really sucks! My insomnia got the best of me, so I'm making lemonade from my lemons, and henna-ing my hair. It stinks and takes forever (I let it sit for 6 hours or so - longer if I can take it) but the color is gorgeous, and it is more environmentally friendly. I use Caca Rouge from Lush and the name is accurate - it really is like spreading poop on your hair.

In knitting news, I started what I am calling the Bigger, Badder Baby Blanket. I'm making it larger (should end up about 36" square), and a little more complex, with more alternating squares. I have, however, decided that I will frog Kimono and start again (sniff!) I'm looking like I might be a little short on yarn, and any little bit will help. I don't want to just rip out the cuff and redo it, because of the gradient nature of the yarn - I'll have to waste the excess on all four sections. Oh well, that will teach me to double check my needles! I think Betty will wait until the blanket is done. It's not like I have anybody to wear it for!

Note the spiffy new button? I have it linking to my beloved Canadiens, but if anybody wants to take it (and host it yourself, of course - common courtesy) and link to me, feel free!

There may be even more later - I'm feeling verbose!