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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Finished Objects

I put together a gallery of my finished objects. Here are the pictures -Finished Objects

and here's the descriptions (the same as posted on the Knitty boards - why duplicate the work!)

1. catpad - this is the cover I knit out of Mission Falls cotton to cover a batting pad the cats slept on. This is Patches (Mom and Dad's cat) lying on it. The yarn was left over from sweaters for Mom and Dad, and the stripes were totally random - I would just use a Russian join when I decided I wanted to change the color, not worrying if they fell on an edge or not.

2. cleoback - This is the back view of my Cleo. Mom didn't turn the flash on for the front view. This was knit in Estelle Young Touch cotton, two strands of turquoise.

3. cleoshimmer - This is the front view of Cleo, along with the front view of Shimmer. Shimmer never really fit me that well, and I swear the acrylic is growing - it just seeems to get bigger and bigger. Shimmer was knit in Bernat Soft acrylic in black. For $12 Cdn and my labour, it did its job, and I think I'll donate it somewhere, so someone else can enjoy it.

4. shimmerback - The back view of Shimmer, showing off the lace pattern on the back. I think I pulled it taut, to better show off the pattern.

5. sweetness with cat - I washed my Sweetness sweater (I realized that the yarn was machine washable - woo hoo!) and laid it out in the dining room to dry. I looked back later and there was Patches parked on it. There seems to be something about a sweater on the sweater rack that is irresistible to him. The sweater was done in a combination of Zitron Vento (blue, green and ivory - found on sale) and Lang Filo (pink and lavender - not on sale, but the other Vento colors didn't work).

6. discosweetness - This is the only usable picture from my late-night "Let's finish taking all these blasted pictures" jag. I think it's a sign I should clean the full length mirror in my room. This does give you a better look at the stripe pattern.

7. kyoto - This is my Kyoto. I really love this sweater. It's great for early summer, because it's comfy without being overly warm. It was a pain in the butt to knit (mercerized cotton and metal needles do not mix well, plus I changed my mind on the size) and to assemble, but did end up being worth the effort. I have no idea why it rides up in the middle, but I just live with it. Done in Tahki Cotton Classic in chartreuse, hot pink and white.

8. lola - This is the first of my vegan foxes, Lola. The second (Reynard) is still in skein form. Also in the picture is the first scarf I made when I got back into knitting, rolling edges and all (didn't remember that stockinette rolled, but it did work out nicely.) Lola is done in the silver colorway kit from Fuzzy Galore, and the scarf is Classic Elite Waterspun in maroon. Love that yarn - so soft and yummy!

9. socks - My first pair of socks, although not a great picture (bleached out). They don't match - one has a longer foot and shorter cuff and the other has a shorter foot and longer cuff. I like socks for sitting around when my feet are cold, and I don't care that they don't match. Done in Summer Sky Esprit from elann.