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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Weird Beyond Belief...

I hit google to see if anyone else had blogged about knittin the "Swell Sweater" out of IK. About a third of the listings pulled up were for porn. I mean stuff like

The Transsexual bondage and flicks read Shemale movie clips assholes. Blondes
videos and swell sweater and lesbo rarely.
I really don't get it.

I googled because I ran into problems with Swell. I finished the knitting last night, and sewed in the first sleeve, and had my mom try it on. The phrase "ugly as sin" doesn't even do it justice. I knit the sleeves in the round, and they didn't fit the armholes. In addition, the 10 rows of decrease every 2 rows in the pattern gave the sleeve a very ugly bag, like the sweater had major upper arm sag or something. The sleeves have been ripped out, and I will knit them flat, and instead of the "decrease every 4 four rows 10 times then every 2 rows ten times", I will decrease every 3 rows 20 times. Hopefully, this will make for a more gradual shaping, which will be more pleasing. Also, when I set the sleeves in, any excess material in the armhole can just be seamed as a side seam. Maybe that's why the pattern said "Sew sleeve and side seams." I figured the editor had been asleep at the switch...

Clearly, since Mom tried on the sweater, she's back. With all the news from the relatives. I swear, the amount of gossip she came back with frightens me. Makes our lives seem so incredibly dull by comparison. That, and I actually have a relative (by marriage, but still) who owns the only Dale Earnhardt pickup truck in existence. Frankly, I don't know if I'm more surprised that there is one, or that there's only one.

Not a lot of knitting got done this week, other than the now aborted attempt to finish Mom's sweater. I wove in most of the ends on Rogue last night, so it's now ready for blocking and seaming. I did order up a skein of Kureyon and one of Silk Garden, to give them a whirl before making any big committments for "Rosedale." Everything I've read about Kureyon seems to indicate it has a high itch factor, and I have a very low itch tolerance, so Silk Garden may get substituted. I am going to do the Pull Kimono in the Jeans colorway, after seeing a large batch of it on the Keyboard Biologist's blog. I just need to finish translating the pattern (maybe I should call Knit'n'tyme to see if there is an English translation...) and order the yarn. Hopefully, we will have the car on Thursday, and I can convince Mom to drop me at the yarn shop for several hours...