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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

My life is SO boring...

...that I can't even bother to write about it! Mom and Dad are gone, so I can sit at the computer at 5 am and not have any complaints about clicking keys.

In knitting news, I finished off Kyoto (finally). Pulled it out of time out and fixed the neck trim problems. Wore it to band practice last night, and snagged it on the crappy chairs in the band room. AUGH! I did fix it when I got home - it wasn't too drastic, just frustrating. I also finished the body of Mom's Swell sweater, and did a little work on the sleeve. Today, I shall block Rogue (I think - I keep waffling, because I hate blocking at the best of times, and circular pieces are harder to block, and I did both the sweater and the sleeves in the round.) Then I can also get back to Salt Peanuts (gee, should block the back of that while I'm blocking stuff...)

As for future projects, next up is a quick summer tank. I'm either going to do Honeymoon from Knitty (substituting vine lace for the twisted rib), or the Victoria tank in the summer IK. I'm getting really sick of endless stockinette, but Victoria is done with such fine yarn on such small needles, that I'm afraid it will get boring too. Then again, elann has those Princess pullovers, which aren't tanks, but are still pretty damn cute. I also want to do a Phil'Onde sweater, but am waffling on color. I want to do the "Pull Kimono" that's currently a free pattern on the site. However, I don't think I want it in the pink/orange Volcan combo it's shown in. I like the idea of the Jeans colorway, but I don't like the way the blue ends up looking with the grey running through all of it. I also don't think I want to knit it in the other colorways, because I don't do well with white. Oh, and I want to do the Streaming Leaves shawl, to use as a summer blanket. I have a lovely double comforter (two cheap comforters stuffed into one comforter cover), which is lovely in the dead of winter, but not so great in the hot, humid summer. Plus Rosedale... Time to quit thinking about stuff and get cracking!