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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rising from the dead....

Clearly, I haven't felt like blogging in a very long while.

Mom: She's fine. She spent about six weeks with both wrists encased in plaster. She also "slightly cracked" her orbital bone, which meant numerous trips to specialists to make sure nothing needed to be done except to let it heal on her own. It was not a fun six weeks - the first four weeks, she couldn't do anything (well, she figured out how to get cherries and potato chips from the bowl to her mouth pretty damned quick.) This meant that I now REALLY know that (a) I am not cut out for the caring professions and (b) nurses/nurse's aides work damned hard for their money. Although they don't have to deal with non-handicapped stalls. She went to her high school reunion in Missouri in October, and clearly she felt that this was not enough excitement for the year, so she totalled the "new" (it was about a year old) car. She's not sure what happened, but she ended up with bumps, bruises, a possibly suspended licence (obstructive sleep apnea may have played into the accident) and an insurance payout that will cover the new car. Whenever she and Dad get around to buying it. It has been blissfully quiet on that front.

However, there's another front which is not nearly as quiet:


Meet the new cat in the family, Rehnquist, aka Pipsqueak. He's a little grey yarn-stealing bundle of energy. Seriously - he dragged a pretty-much-full cone of Zephyr downstairs, and any yarn not secured in a drawer of some sort now resides on my closet floor, behind a wide band of double stick tape. Much as he can be a royal pain when he's in full hyper mode, he can be really sweet (which may be the only thing that saves his bacon some days).

Knitting? Lots, mostly socks. I am on Ravelry (habsgirl, of course) and most of my finished objects can be seen there. There are some that still need to be photographed. I'm doing Sock Madness again, because I'm insane and I am a free sock pattern ho. As for my summer goals, Twisted Flower - yes, Morrigan - no, lingering projects 50% (Wittering yes, although I settled for wire core clothesline; mystery project no - in fact it's now in my bed, because I pulled it out of the closet last night and Rehnquist tried to run off with it). Considering my summer, not so bad.

I'll try to be a better blogger, but I'm going with the whole "Blogging without Obligation" thing.