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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sock Madness - Round One Prep

I have my yarn ready for the first round sock:

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That's Lang JaWoll Cotton in a deep slate grey and Elann Essential 4-ply in bright pink. I've had the Elann for several years, and I picked the Lang up at my LYS last week to pair with it for the bi-colored socks. The designer recommends a variegated and a solid, but the LYS doesn't offer much in the way of variegateds, and mostly stocks 100g skeins, which is way more than I need. The Lang was an orphan skein the sale area - for $5, I got yarn that I think will work and didn't have to feel bad about causing dyelot havoc for others (one of the reasons the store went to 100g putups - one skein, one pair of socks.) I think I've seen the sock (Googling on the weekend turned up one that was easy for the early rounds, and bicolored. I tried Googling again yesterday, but couldn't find the link again.) but won't spoil it for others. I'll probably use the other pink skein (since I bought two with plans to knit socks for me out of them) and try one of the mosaic patterns out of Sensational Knitted Socks.

I hope to finish the first Bloomin' Feet sock tonight or tomorrow, and will cast on the second after I finish the first round Sock Madness socks. (The joys of scheduling!)