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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday Update

Progress on Toasty Toes - none. Still in contemplation stage. (I figure they should be done by the end of September, so it's not like I haven't got time!) That said, I think I've designed Mom's Christmas present, so something has come out of it.

Other progress - both current sock projects are past the heel. I'm on gusset decreases in SageRipple and into the cuff on Monaco. Whoopee. They're both second socks (I don't seem to have any real Second Sock Syndrome issues).

I watched "A History of Violence" tonight (last weekend's movies showed up today. Gotta love Canada Post's service after a holiday weekend.) Very good movie, and the actor who played the son was HOT! I feel much better after determining at IMDB that the guy is 28 - 'cause jailbait isn't the way to go!