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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Just a Quickie

A photo of the finished Pomatomus socks:

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I don't adore them - I'm still not sure I like how the yarn stripes. However, they're done and very comfy, and everybody else adores them. (I am my own worst critic, so I'm wise enough to take that into account.)

Knitting progresses: I'm almost finished the back bodice of Bias (it took three tries to get the stitches picked up) and I started two new projects. The Ruana Thingie (how's that for a title?) is a modification of a Lion Brand poncho for a friend - the two rectangles sewn together with a gap to shove the head through will become two rectangles three-needle-bound off in the back, leaving the front open. It's also being done in the R2 Fuzzi Felt that's on sale at elann. I'll charge my friend some (relatively speaking) token amount for the work. (If I was working for some stranger, I'd hit them with the full price of the work.) The other new project is a basic toe-up short-row-heel sock for Mom out of the Regia Rio I bought a few weeks back. It's always handy to have a simple small project when I run into situations like this:
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Little Miss has been rather clingy lately, and it's sometimes difficult to work around her. (That's the back of Bias lying in a crumpled heap in the corner. I'll take a photo when it's off the needles.)