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Monday, February 27, 2006

Yarns in Their Youths

Finally, some progress photos. Not of Bias, mind you - I'm still working on endless ends - last week's cold was not conducive to end weaving. It was far more conducive to knitting socks:

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That's a single Pomatomus done and ready to wear. (The second one is started - I cast on and knit the cuff while watching the last episode of "Bleak House" tonight.) As I said previously the color ended up spiralling down the sock:
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I really like the pattern in the sock, and I may knit it again. However, I need to work through the backlog of sock yarns, which grew again this week. Yes, another Thursday at the LYS, another batch of sock yarn followed me home. (If they'd quit putting it on sale, it would be so much easier to resist temptation!) Here's the most recent acquisitions:
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Regia Brasil in Rio - your basic wool/nylon self-patterning, for Mom because "[I] haven't knit [her] any blue socks."
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Regia Cotton Tip and Top in Milana, cotton/wool/nylon, also for Mom for the same reason.
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Regia Cotton Tip and Top in Monaco, cotton/wool/nylon, for me, to be knit during the Grand Prix of Monaco weekend (because when given such an opportunity, I cannot pass it up.) Now that I think about it, those will have to be done quickly, since the Montreal Grand Prix is soon after. Or those could wait until the Champ Car race ...

Speaking of the Champ Car series, it seems there are new rumors of possible merger. The head cheeses of both series talked, and it didn't end in violence. It's a start. I think (as does much of the sane universe who cares) that the split needs to be mended. I don't think that the united series could take on NAPCAR at this point, but I do think it would be able to survive until such point (should it arrive) that NAPCAR's popularity wanes. No, not a big fan of NASCAR. Honestly, the races last too damn long for me (4 hours of cars driving in a circle? My patience wanes around the 2 hour mark), and I can't tell the damn cars apart. The qualifying system baffles me (why not just start the best 43 cars each week? The exemptions make my head hurt.)

While I'm pontificating, a trend in the knitting messaging system is irking me. Why does there have to be one "best" something, be it book, pattern, yarn, needle type, method, what have you? What's the best sock yarn? The one you like best. Of my limited experience, I really like the Lorna's Laces I'm currently using, even though it's probably not the best match with my pattern. That said, the elann Essential wasn't horrible - not as soft, but not horrible. People RAVE over Noro, and I find every kind I've felt horridly scratchy - the colors can't save it for me. Then again, my Mission Falls wool sweaters make me itch too. Others won't have that problem. Does that make either yarn not the best? Well, it makes Noro far from the best for me, and I put up with the itchies from the MF because I really like everything else about the yarn (care, colors, weight, knitability.)

OK, it's 3 am and time for me to sign off.