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Friday, January 13, 2006

BIts and Pieces of my Fractured Mind

Is it March yet? I do much better in March.

A little knitting. Birch is in need of blocking and end weaving, but otherwise complete:

Image hosted by

Yes, the picture is best described as craptacular. It's the dead of winter and I keep vampire hours. Sun is not easy to come by in these situations. I need to grab some sheets and move the dining room table to block (seriously, it's the only space large enough to block shawls in our house.)

You may also notice the appearance of "Deceased Muppet Scarf" in the sidebar. A friend bought three balls of Bernat Boa in Cardinal (plus a set of short straight 9mm needles) before discovering that she hated the yarn. She offered it to me. Since I have a friend who (for whatever reason) wants a deceased muppet scarf, I took it, grabbed a set of 5.5mm needles and knit a scarf. Pictures will most likely follow, but I don't feel like attempting any at this time. (Note - I was going to call the scarf "I Killed Elmo," but there's way too much black in it. Pity. I can't stand that irritating little muppet.) It took a couple of days, so I'm back to Mom's sweater.

I discovered a TV oddity the other day when I was up even later than usual. In the wee small hours of the morning, Spike TV (TV for manly men, which around here seems to mean endless reruns of CSI and VIP) runs infomercials for "Girls Gone Wild" and other similar productions. Well, I flicked it on at 6 am and found three white dudes rambling on about how Christianity is all about the cross (I think - it's not like I paid a whole lot of attention.) I found this a very odd choice considering the programming it followed. The web address was, and I couldn't figure out who the hell it was blithering on my screen. Eventually, an entire name appeared - Jimmy Swaggart. Suddenly, it seem much more appropriate.

And since Ana has tagged me again, five weird/quirky things about me:

1) I don't like any meat served as a chop. Some traumatic dining event in my past has put me off chops. (And my mother's cooking is rapidly putting me off roasts too.)

2) I somewhat seriously believe that my behaviour impacts the Canadiens' play. I do know that it doesn't but I still do odd things. For example, this past weekend, they played an afternoon game against Ottawa. I slept through the first period, and they were up 4-0. If Ottawa had scored several goals, I would have done my damndest to go back to sleep.

3) According to an orthopedist I had to see after I dislocated a kneecap, I have a crooked skeleton.

4) I love evening gowns/party dresses. I have no opportunity to wear them, but I always want to buy them. Including a Badgely Mischka dress I saw at Saks. My bank account was thankful that it was a size too small for me.

5) I have always been far more fashion-aware than my wardrobe would indicate. (I'm currently wearing my pale green Rogue over a hot pink T-shirt, pink polka-dot fleece pajama pants and black cotton socks - it's damp and cold.) I was probably one of the few people in my high school who knew who Louis Vuitton and Hermes were. Mind you, that was many many years ago. Now there are two beauty salons in town that offer Vuitton bags for sale (which is wrong on so many levels - who the hell is buying those bags in this hick town?)