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Friday, July 15, 2005

Is it Fall Yet?

No? Waaaahh! I don't think I'm going to survive summer at this rate. My sleep schedule's even more racked up than usual (instead of 5 am to 2 pm, it's 5 am to 10 am, waking up a couple of times and dragging the rest of the day.) The current heat wave seems to be cracking, so fingers are crossed that I'll get some sleep soon.

Progress continues on Hush-hush:

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This is from earlier in the week, and I've knit a couple more inches. I'm now about two inches from the upper lace section. I've also ordered a couple more balls of yarn, since I've attached ball 9 (of 10), and 7 inches plus straps is at best cutting it fine and, more likely, a disaster waiting to happen. Since I had to order yarn, I also added 10 hanks of Pakucho cotton in natural for a second Ribby Shell. I've also started swatching for Ribby Shell #1 (dark green Jo Sharp Soho Summer cotton yarn):
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This was on 4 mm needles, and is a quarter of an inch short over 20 stitches. After doing the math, it's time to go up to 4.5 mm, which required buying a new pair (my other set is living in Peek-a-boo.)

Non-hand-knit clothing has also arrived in casa habsgirl. Nothing hugely fancy: 2 simple cotton a-line skirts: one in lime;
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and its twin in beigey khaki, both from Jacob, a clothing store I've loved for years (and a good chunk of my wardrobe does come from there). Ignore the wrinkles, I've been wearing it all day. Also, two shelf-bra-top camisoles from Old Navy, one in pale green (matches Opale) and one in light aqua-ish blue. Which will hopefully match Rosita, for which I still await yarn (3 months and counting....)

My wonderful mother bought me seasons 4 and 5 of OZ, so I'm slowly working my way through 5 - the 16 episodes of 4 I burned through in a week, so I'm trying to slow down a bit this time, stretching out the enjoyment.

And tonight, I head to Flourish and Blotts to pick up the latest Harry Potter book, which I will devour over the weekend.

Signing off before I fall asleep....